If someone came up to you and asked: ‘’Where do you think is the best place to find used equipment?… for the custom apparel printing industry?’’

What would you say — from places you know to be legitimate — what would you say in response?

You don’t have to come up with an answer on the spot, right now. Give it a minute’s thought, if needed…

… I can almost see what you think, except that there are not many places to think of. For an average person, for someone who hasn’t bought apparel decorating equipment before — what comes to mind is probably online shopping.

It’s more convenient than having to go to a specialized store at the other end of the city.

Now, let’s look at some of the places online where you can try your luck.

Ebay Shopping Marketplace

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve undoubtedly heard about a shopping marketplace called Ebay, at least a dozen times. It’s a place online where you can buy just about anything of your choice.

Say, you’re looking to buy custom products equipment. It could be anything — printers, presses, or parts— as long as there’s demand, there will be people to sell those products.

On top of that, Ebay is one the most-visited marketplaces on the web, and just about anything you could imagine is a quick search away.

You should definitely give it a go!

Ebay is one the most-visited marketplaces on the web.

Facebook Marketplace

If you had no luck finding what you need on Ebay, then there’s something else to try. Facebook marketplace. Even after all these years, it remains dominant in the online ecosystem. And for a good reason. It’s a social networking hub where people can talk and trade with each other.

And you should be there to comb through listings. It’s kind of interesting to see what people are putting up for sale these days… you can find anything you want in there, from embroidery machines to cutters and heat presses, or even inks — it’s all in there.

All you need is patience and willingness to talk to people and I’m confident you’ll find what you need.


Facebook is a social networking hub where people can talk and trade with each other.


It can’t go unmentioned that Craigslist is a good choice for finding anything related to custom apparel printing. People living in your area could be selling exactly what you’re looking for. So, it pays to keep checking it every day. Every now and then, you can come across some real gems.

A word of caution, though. You’ve got to be very careful with Craigslist. People may attempt to scam (or overcharge) you. So, it’s best to try before you buy anything!

Forums & Discussion Websites

Listen, like-minded people come together and form communities and groups. It’s been like this since the dawning of time. At these places, folks talk about their interests and find out solutions to different problems. Reason they exists is because there is no other collective meeting place other than trade shows or conventions.

So, you can use these forums and discussion website to scout for apparel decorating equipment. Hint: you can try your luck on a forum you’re catching up with from time to time. Who knows —maybe there is something worth buying.

Like-minded people come together and form communities and groups.


I’ve saved best for the last. The website you’re on right now — Quipdealio! Did you know you can buy new (or pre-owned) custom products equipment from us? We’re worked very hard to offer a platform that’s safe and, most importantly, transparent for new users.

What we do is very simple: we connect buyers with sellers. You no longer have to waste time searching for the equipment across the internet. Now everything is in one place.

Use it!

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