Quick Tips to a Quick Sale

How to sell your used Graphics Equipment as Fast as you can.

Picture this:

Your name is Todd and you want to start a custom t-shirt business from home. I’m looking for a used OKI pro8432WT white toner LED printer so you can make t-shirt transfers and sell them for $1,000,000.

Like everyone in the world, you’ve heard of QuipDealio and rushed across the internet to go shopping. You’re looking for a DEAL!

Or picture this if it’s easier:

Your name is Margaret. You’ve decided you’re going to quit your job and start an embroidery business because you’ve heard it’s awesome. So you don’t know anything about used embroidery machines but you know you need a big one, with more needles than 1.

Now – Margaret, Todd, how are YOU going to decide which machine to buy on QuipDealio?

FIRST you’re going to SEARCH.

Searching and Finding Used Graphics and Embroidery Equipment on QuipDealio

Tip #1 for you, my future seller of your equipment, make sure Margaret or Todd can FIND your machine when they search.


3 Ways to Make Sure You Get Found

So Todd, How will you choose?

When your cash in hand customer finds your equipment on QuipDealio it’s going to be right next to other tasty options.

Now put yourself in Margaret’s place.

After you search for that used multi-needle embroidery machine you’re looking for (Keyword sighting!), how are YOU going to pick which one to buy?

That’s easy right? These are the top things every buyers looks at:

Featured Listing

First you’re going to look at the FEATURED LISTINGS – because they’re in your face right at the top.


Is it a good value? Does it meet my budget?

Pictures & Videos

Is the condition excellent? Does the machine operate the way it should?


And lastly the description of the equipment.


Quick Sales Must Dos

Okay, so the reality is that you have to have 1 or more of those 3 things to really get a quick sale:

Be Noticed

And that makes getting a Featured Listing as part of your sellers package a great idea. Hey – it’s not a gimmick, much, but not everyone is going to go with Featured so if you DO, you will be sure to be on the top part of Margie’s and Toddo’s search results.


Take GOOD pictures! If you’re embroidery machine is in the basement in Minnesota in January and it looks like a medieval dungeon down there then who’s going to buy that? Noone. Maybe not no one, but a lot of people looking for used embroidery machines aren’t depressed so maybe show them a lot of bright, sunny, clear pictures. Close ups, faraways.


You think PICTURES help you sell machines? You’re right! But VIDEO is king. Take a short video of that used OKI pro8432WT white toner printer (Keyword sighting!), churning out money-making custom tees and you Todd is going to flip his lid and open his wallet.

Good Description

We covered this? Did you forget already? Jeesh.


Now you have 2 choices. You can start your listing now OR you can read this even longer but less entertaining download with even MORE tips to selling your used equipment on QuipDealio!

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