One of the newest printer releases is the DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4, a promising printer that offers high-speed production and vibrant designs. However, does the fabric printer really deliver its promise? This review will help you understand the game-changing features of the DTF-24H4, so you’ll know if it’s exactly what you’re getting. Sit back, take out your notepads, and read our comprehensive review! 

An Intro to the DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4

The name may be a mouthful, but it provides most of what you need to know about the DTF-24H4. “DTF” stands for direct-to-film printing, one of the latest innovations in the industry that we’ll discuss later. The “24H4” stands for the printer’s size and number of printing heads, which is 24 inches an hour printer heads.

This printer is a direct upgrade to the DTF-24H2.

With the additional printing heads, the DTF-24H4 can print even more items in the same amount of time as the DTF-24H2. However, the printer maintains the same vibrant, crisp, and accurate colors that your clients will surely love!

What We Liked: The Printer’s Game-changing Features

Let’s dive into the features and functionalities that truly make the DTF-24H4 a heavyweight in the industry.  

Direct-to-Film Printing

DTF printing is one of the latest innovations in printing methods. In a nutshell, it works by using a powder adhesive coating that draws itself into the ink. The powder and the ink chemically bond when heat is applied, resulting in a crisp and permanent print on a wide range of fibers. You read that right — printing only takes two ingredients: the powder and the ink!

Thanks to how the print adheres to the fabric, you won’t encounter any hard prints that might turn off your customer. This soft touch quality is why direct-to-film printing is considered the holy grail for custom apparel. You also won’t have to deal with screen printing messes, a darkroom, or the need to measure ink — just high-quality prints every time!

Enhanced Print Head Technology

The printer heads combine the latest technologies to create gorgeous, true-to-life colors, no matter what type of fabric you use. The excellent digital gradients and HDR colors are the results of CMYK settings. Thanks to these enhancements, you can enjoy designs that pop, hues that blend seamlessly, and accurate colors that customers will love! 

Four-head Design for Even Faster Printing

Nobody likes the inefficient process needed for some printing methods — pretreating apparel, drying them, creating mesh screens, etc. It’s all such drab! Thankfully, the DTF-24H4 makes it easier and faster to print designs on garments thanks to the four printer heads. At its most efficient operation, the machine can print up to 300 designs in just a single hour!

The minimal preparation needed also saves you time and effort. If you have small or one-off orders, you wouldn’t have to worry about loss of income. 

Automatic Powders Shaker

One of the features we enjoyed the most with the DTF-24H4 is the automatic powder shaker. This three-step system removes the need to manually refill the leftover powder — an inconvenience you’ll encounter with the DTF-24H2. Instead, the printer does all the work for you. The only time you’ll need to do anything related to the powder is when you have to add a new batch. Isn’t that cool?

Works on Various Types of Fabrics

Some printing methods can limit you to only cotton clothing since the ink won’t adhere to other materials. The DTF printing technology used by the DTF-24H4 avoids this issue since it’s able to adhere to many types of materials. These include:

We love this wide range, and we know you’ll enjoy it too! Since you can print on various kinds of fabrics, you can expand your offerings and make your inventory more versatile.  

Print Optimizer Software

Along with the printer itself is the Print Optimizer software developed exclusively by ColDesi. We found it extremely helpful in creating the most accurate colors for print designs. With the program, you can modify the color accuracy on a per-channel basis — great for complex gradients. For single-color prints, we were able to reduce ink flow to just the right amount for maximum ink efficiency.

Saves on White Ink

The DTF-24H4 has its own separate white ink channel, which makes it easier for you to control how much of the color is used on your print. This is a major advantage in our books because white ink is more expensive than other colors — all thanks to the use of titanium dioxide. This feature is a definite money saver, in our opinion.

Possible Drawbacks To Consider Before Purchasing the DTF-24H4

To be honest, we don’t have many complaints about the DTF-24H4. It’s packed with many features, is easy to use, and speeds up production time by such a huge margin. We couldn’t complain. However, we do understand that businesses have various needs and preferences, so we’ve included some factors that you may want to consider before investing. 

Huge Size

If you’re operating in a small area, then the DTF-24H4 may not be the most space-saving printer to have. The DTF-24H2 is already huge with its 36-inch opening. Then comes the DTF-24H4 with its 45-inch opening — an almost 10 inches difference.

It may not seem like much, but the overall volume of the DTF-24H4 will take considerable space in your premises. If you have other types of printers around, then things might get cramped. Not to mention the fact the DTF-24H4 has an exhaust system. Before committing to the purchase, make sure you have enough space to continue seamless operations and avoid hazards. 

High Price Point

Speaking of committing to a purchase, one other thing that might discourage you from buying the DTF-24H4 is the high price point. It may not be wise to make such a huge expense if you’re not planning to increase your production or grow as a company. For those who really want the DTF-24H4, don’t fret! ColDesi offers financing options, so you can enjoy the printer without breaking the bank. We’ll discuss these financing options in a bit. 

Comparing the DTF-24H2 and the DTF-24H4

Now that you know the pros and cons of the DTF-24H4, it’s time to compare it with another popular direct-to-film printer from ColDesi, the DTF-24H2. In terms of design and functionality, the two are almost the same. They follow the same printing and heating process with dedicated control panels in similar areas. Of course, the size would be the most obvious difference. Here are some others that we observed while reviewing the two products.


Size: 67.5 in x 131 in, 36-inch opening

Speed: 45 to 55 linear feet per hour, equivalent to 100 full front transfers 

Power Requirements: 20 Amp 220 V

Other Features: Manual powder refilling


In some ways, the DTF-24H4 is the direct upgrade of the DTF-24H2. Aside from the size, it has other features that make it a more efficient and convenient printer for heavy-duty needs. Within it are patent-pending technologies that allow the printer to use less power as well as a three-level auger system for efficient powder recycling. 

Size: 78 in x 132 in, 45-inch opening

Speed: 140 to 150 linear feet per hour, equivalent to 300 full front transfers 

Power Requirements: 30 Amp 220 V

Other Features: Automatic powder recycling thanks to the auger system

Price Packages and Financing Available

Since these printers are top-of-the-line products that promise huge returns on investment, it’s not surprising that they cost an arm and a leg, especially for smaller printing and custom apparel businesses. Thankfully, ColDesi offers various price packages and financing options available. 


It retails at $25,995, but discounted rates are available from time to time

You can opt for monthly installation for as low as $549 per month — now that’s a steal! 

Enjoy a six-month printer head guarantee! 


This is a new product that retails at $35,995.

You can finance it for as low as $789 a month — more manageable for small operations!

Enjoy a six-month printer head guarantee! 

ColDesi has worked with Adia Capital to help clients secure financing for purchasing the DTF-24H4. While you have the option to buy the printers with cash, it can leave you in a much less secure position — you don’t want that, especially in a period of economic downturn. By leasing or financing the printers through Adia Capital, you can avoid big order failures and even get tax deductions thanks to Section 179 of the U.S. Tax Code.

The Final Verdict

What else can we say about the DTF-24H4? It’s a definite game changer for custom apparel printing, with the direct-to-film printing method and four printer heads creating beautiful prints that don’t feel hard to the touch. We also love the improved productivity that allowed us to print up to 300 designs — all in one hour! If we’re being honest, this speed is really what sold us. What other printing methods can deliver so much in such a short amount of time?

Our verdict? The DTF-24H4 is a worthy investment. Even though the initial purchase may seem like a lot, the long-term returns will make the price insignificant. Get yours now!