Let’s Make a DEALIO!

You want to sell something? We want you to sell something too!

This is where you do it – just pick...

Paul the Printer picked the perfect pitching package. A Perfect pitching package Paul the Printer Picked. -If Paul the Printer pitched a premium printer, which package did Paul the Printer Pick?

Paul the Printer is YOU. The Packages are below.

You Pick!

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Let’s Make a DEALIO!
1 Month
One-time Payment
The Basic Dealio

Baasically, you'll get to upload up to 4 photos - make them GOOD! - put it in up to TWO Categories and then write your amazing sales pitch. What a good Dealio!

45 Days
One-time Payment
The REAL Dealio

The BEST Dealio if you have something your REALLY want to sell and show that it's worth that big number you're asking. You get to put up FOUR beautiful pictures of your beautiful equipment - and that will help sell!

60 Days
One-time Payment
The BETTER Dealio

Better than the REAL Dealio? Hard to believe, but YES! Becaaaause you get MORE CATEGORIES - and listing your listing in three categories is almost 6X better than just one! And buyers LOVE categories! Pictures - you get 5 - that's a lot of angles, close ups, undersides - be creative. Pretend it's your Instagram feed of dinner, any dinner. And even BETTER than that you can add a YouTube video to your listing - people Love video! You've visited YouTube before, right? Your listing could be like the Netflix of QuipDealio..

90 Days
One-time Payment
Featured Dealio

What's a Featured Listing? Have you even LOOKED at this website? Cmon! Featured listings are on the FRONT PAGE and on sidebars and might even show up in our WeeklyDealio Newsletter. AND you get 5 categories instead of 1 or 3. AND you still get to get your Spielberg on and put up a video THIS is the Dealio you want!