Do you want to buy equipment but can’t decide whether to buy it new or used? Lucky for you, you’re NOT alone. When people are making their first big buys, they look at every option available.

Today, if you’re looking to buy new apparel decorating equipment, choices can number in the thousand. There are the online sellers of equipment that is new and trending… and then there are slightly used machinery sold by private sellers.

There’s a lot to think about before pulling out the checkbook and buying one. Hopefully, with this article, I can help you make the right decision.

So, sit back, relax and read on…

Faster Return on Investment!

Perhaps the best part about buying used, from a customer perspective, is that you can purchase the equipment at a lower price. What does it give you? Well, a couple of things. One of the biggest ones is that you can earn a fast return on your investment.

It’s simple mathematics — the lower you buy in, the sooner you cover the cost and start earning. This is particularly useful for people who are just starting out. It’s a time when every penny and every dollar counts more than ever!

You can put the money earned toward other things that will make you even more money. This, though, is easier said than done. It just takes a little bit of creativity and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

The lower you buy in, the sooner you cover the cost and start earning.

Opt for Top Brand

There’s another benefit to the secondhand equipment; selection. You can spend hours on end at the computer sorting through online marketplaces like Quipdealio. You never know what you might find — the selection varies from day to day — and the number of available equipment makes finding what to buy a breeze! Week in week out there are hundreds of apparel decorating equipment ready to be taken home and put to good use!

The best part of it all is that you can pick them up for a fraction of the price. In stores, and elsewhere — prices for the same equipment can be 20, 30% higher, or even more.

Better Resale Value

The benefits of pre-owned machinery do not stop here. There’s more to it than faster returns on investment or having a greater selection of options to choose from.

The next big thing you can benefit from is resale value. But what does that mean for you exactly?

Well, to illustrate this, let’s imagine you’re in a store shopping for a new piece of equipment. The moment you leave the shop with your purchase, it significantly drops in price.

To many, seeing their investment go out the window is hard to swallow. But there’s hope to those people. You can protect your investment if you buy used machinery.

Let me explain what I mean…

… When you buy an item from a product listing site similar to Quipdealio or Facebook… you’re buying at a price that’s significantly lower than its retail price. And that means less money lost if you decide to sell it to someone else.

Temporary Ownership

Have you ever been offered a project too good to pass up?… even when you just don’t have all the tools for the job… you don’t want to say ‘’No’’ to the client.

Maybe the work is one-of-a-kind, and won’t come in on a regular. Therefore, the need for this equipment would be only once or twice in its entire lifetime.

Considering this, it makes no sense to go and buy a piece of brand new equipment. What you can do though, is to rent out this equipment for a few days. It’s much easier on the pocket.

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