Is NOW the right time to sell your gear? Or… should you hold onto it a little longer? With each passing day, your equipment can either go up or go down in price. That’s why it’s important to ‘’catch’’ the right moment to sell it.

So, if you have the equipment you no longer need and want to get rid of, then this article might be just for you.

Let’s begin.

Sell Now?

I know it too well… when something comes to mind… you just want to go and do it right away! But, hold up a second and take a deep breath. Let’s think about this for a second — what would you get if you sell your stuff now?

You’d get money, obviously. But besides money what would you get? Think speed, quality, convenience, or power. If you replace your old equipment, you want something better to take its place. To begin with, modern technology could help your customization business.

You could reduce material costs, improve work performance and ultimately make a good profit.

If you’re coming from that place, it makes sense to upgrade immediately. And the upgrade might be easier than you think — because of supply chain issues, we’re facing product shortages — which means it’s much easier to sell stuff now than it was a few years ago.

And here’s the kicker… you can sell some of your used gear for profit. It wasn’t even thinkable just a few years ago, but it’s the reality. Nowadays, people are paying more for pretty much anything.

So, you can take the advantage of the opportunity and might as well sell your stuff now.

How High Could Equipment Prices Go?

To think and hope that prices will go up forever is also not too realistic. The prices might just as well drop tomorrow, nothing’s promised. So, you take the risk if you choose to keep your equipment for a while longer.

I myself have sold different gear for more money than I originally paid for it. It just happened that it increased in value over time. Even after I had used the equipment for more than a year, the demand was still high and people were willing to pay the price. We’re talking about getting 10% to 20% more back in your pocket.

But you see, a good product condition is a prerequisite for this. The equipment must be in virtually perfect condition, without any visual damages like scuffs, marks, or dents. The truth is, buyers pay special attention to that and the better you have kept your equipment, the higher price you can get.

If you want to learn how to prepare your equipment for sale while getting the highest possible price, THIS article might interest you.

Trade in Your Current Equipment

If you no longer need… or… you’re tired of your old equipment, doesn’t mean someone else won’t be excited about it. Exactly the opposite, there’s an active crowd looking for exactly what you have. And they would love to trade in with you.

In fact, it’s very convenient for both you and the potential buyer. For one thing, there aren’t any financial barriers. And secondly, most people have something to exchange for what you have — you would have many offers thrown at you. That would be interesting in itself, you could pick and choose what your heart desires the most.

Now, the question is what would be the most rewarding option for you? Is it more logical to get money right away and put it away for a new purchase… or… just swap it for something else from a second-hand marketplace?

You see, I can’t make the decision for you, it’s something you have to consider and think about.


Each decision has its list of pros and cons. But no matter what you choose to do you can’t go wrong with either. Just look at what is more convenient and profitable for your situation.

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And who knows, maybe the buyer for your equipment could come from this place. Try it!